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ÿþNS SD70M Ph2 (Notch-nose) #2600


Add-on repaint Locomotive for purchasers of the Union Pacific (Discontinued) Engine Pack

By Stream Lines Corp "http//" Requires the UP #3925 shape file

This repaint includes a freight animation to add parts characteristic of the NS engine. Freight 

animations add poly count to the original model and can reduce frame rate, playability, and on 

slower computers, cause MSTS to freeze entirely.  Many enthusiasts of MSTS have found that by 

installing a patch known as MSTS BIN, most of these problems can be reduced or eliminated.  

Though MSTS bin is "use at your own risk" and not authorized by Microsoft, you can find more 

information at

MSTS BIN is a requirement as the engines lights are set up to give DPU lights on a flipped engine

at the end of a consist.if you use these engines on a Non BIN upgraded installation, MSTS will crash

and produce error messages, for the convienience of Non BIN users a set of eng files for non MSTS BIN 

setups is included in the Folder, NO_BIN_Replacement_Eng_Files, just swap those with the main ones. 

though why anybody would not want BIN and all the enhancements it brings is beyond me.

INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS:  You will need to be familiar with uncompressing a shape file to make 

modifications inside to enable the old triple horns to be removed, see step 5

1. Unzip from this download the folder "NS_SD70M_2600" and place it in your TRAINSET directory of MSTS. 

	Common location: (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET)

2. Locate the original installation folder for the Streamlines product; Union Pacific Engine Pack

	Common location: (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET\UP_SD70M_3925)

3. Locate and copy the file ( UP_SD70M_3925.s ) in the UP_SD70M_3925 folder and paste it into the newly 

	created folder named 	NS_SD70M_2600.

4. Rename the copied file ( UP_SD70M_3925.s  ) to read ( NS_SD70M_2600.s )

5: In order for the old horns to be removed some editing of the shape file is required, 

using a utility such as Shape file manager decompress the shape file and open it up in WordPad, scroll 

down or use the Edit/Find drop down to find a sction called prim_states, when you have it change it by 

copying and pasting the section below, making sure that any brackets before or after the section remain.

Once you have done that save as a unicode file of the same name IE: NS_SD70M_2600.s , then using Shape 

File manager recompress the file to finish, the old horns will be gone when you run the engine and the

new horns will be there by themselves.

	prim_states ( 13

		prim_state 1_-_Default1 ( 00000000 2

			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 0 1 0 1


		prim_state 1_-_Default1 ( 00000000 0

			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 2 0 0 1


		prim_state 1_-_Default1 ( 00000000 0

			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 3 0 0 1


		prim_state 1_-_Default1 ( 00000000 0

			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 4 0 0 1


		prim_state 1_-_Default1 ( 00000000 0

			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 5 0 0 1


		prim_state 1_-_Default1 ( 00000000 0

			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 6 0 0 1


		prim_state 1_-_Default1 ( 00000000 0

			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 7 0 0 1


		prim_state 1_-_Default1 ( 00000000 0

			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 8 0 0 1


		prim_state 1_-_Default1 ( 00000000 0

			tex_idxs ( 1 0 ) 0 9 0 0 1


		prim_state 2_-_Default ( 00000000 2

			tex_idxs ( 1 1 ) 0 0 1 0 1


		prim_state Material_#1388 ( 00000000 0

			tex_idxs ( 1 1 ) 0 1 0 0 1


		prim_state 3_-_Default ( 00000000 0

			tex_idxs ( 1 2 ) 0 0 0 0 1


		prim_state 7_-_Default ( 00000000 2

			tex_idxs ( 1 3 ) 0 0 0 0 1

Sound and cabview have been left as set up when first purchased, remember there was no custom cabview 

with this pack, therefore this engine calls for the Default MSTS Dash 9 cabview, i left it this way as

i have no idea what cabviews are on the downloaders machine, if you have any of SLI's SD70 Ace's using 

the cabview from one of those would work well. If you have purchased the rereleased pack which does have

custom cabs and sounds, then change the cabview and sound lines to match the new ones.

5. Make a consist with the utility of your choice and Enjoy.


NOTE: this shape file is one of those that causes MSTS to crash when in no 4 view or very close up, this 

happens with the unmodified as purchased file, any crashes are not the result of any modifications you are

asked to make above, it crashes before they are introduced, there is a way to fix this, see my pdf tutorial 

Using_Shape_Fixer.pdf  found in the Documentation folder for a guide with illustrations, you will need the

program Adobe Acrobat reader to view this, it is free and can be found at

This is not neccesary to use the engines and if you are not to happy with this type of editing, do not

attempt it, Read the tutorial it will explain what you need to do in detail.


Original Model By Stream Lines Corp "http//"

Original NS textures used as the base by Maple Leaf Tracks, used with permission of Andy Hockin of MLT

Original NS SD70M #2603, #2629 & #2621 repaint by Jeff Auberpine

Additional  renumber #2600, by Bernard Grant

Notch Nose Freight Animation by Jeff Auberpine

NS SD70M Ph2 (Notch-nose) #2600 compiled by Bernard Grant ( ) 

uploaded with permission from Stream Lines, Maple Leaf Tracks (Andy Hockin) & Jeff Auberpine

This pack is freeware and not to be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances.

Personal repaints as always there are no restrictions, but if you want to renumber these 

for upload you will need also to obtain permission from Maple Leaf Tracks (Andy Hockin) for

permission to use the payware textures as well as Jeff Auberpine and Myself.

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