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File: NS_SD70M_Ph2/readme_NS.txt

NS SD70M Ph2 (Notch-nose) #2600

Add-on repaint Locomotive for purchasers of the Union Pacific Engine Pack
By Stream Lines Corp "http//" Requires the UP #3925 shape file

PLEASE NOTE: some editing of the shape file will be neccesary for the old horns to be removed as
the Freight Animation has the correct horns for this model, you will need to know how to decompress
and recompress the shape file using Shape File Manager or similar program.

MSTS BIN is also a requirement as the engine lighting is set up for DPU helpers on the rear of a consist
both flipped and facing forward. No BIN eng files are also provided.


Original Model By Stream Lines Corp "http//"
Original NS textures used as the base by Maple Leaf Tracks
Original NS SD70M #2603, #2619 & #2621 Repaint by Jeff Auberpine
Additional #2600 renumber by Bernard Grant
Notch Nose Freight Animation by Jeff Auberpine
NS SD70M Ph2 (Notch-nose) #2600 by Bernard Grant ( ) 

uploaded with permission from Stream Lines, Maple Leaf Tracks (Andy Hockin) & Jeff Auberpine

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