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Sceeter's Paint Shop - NYSW F45 Pack Set
Four NYSW Sd45's, numbers #3636 & 3638.  Model modified with Eric Pannese ditchlights. 
These engines were made from SLI BN F45 #6618 from the BN Pack, 
The engine is required for the shape file and sound folder.  The Cabview is currently aliased to SLI BN SD45. 

1. Unzip / Copy  folders over to your Trainset folder.
2. Make a copy of the SLI BN F45 #6618  shape file  from SLI.BN and paste it into the two NYSW F45 folders.
3. Rename the shape files  the same as the .sd file in the folder.
4. Alias the engines to a more enjoyable CABVIEW.  The BN Cabview does fit well with the green anti-glare paint on the nose.
5. Create a consist
6. Open Train Simulator and Enjoy!
Model by:Streanline Models
Painted by: Dean Kurowski
Ditchlights by: Eric Pannese

Sceeter's Paint Shop
Dean Kurowski

I can be found at  or 
If you have any Questions, Comments or Problems to report, Please email me. Thank You!

* Disclaimer *
SPS claims no responsibility for any damage or problems that this
file may cause if not install correctly

These repaints are freeware and is not to be sold or distributed anyware without our premission. SLI's model is used with premission
via the New repaint policy. 

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