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File: RP_CP8525/d9glass.txt

Window Glass for the Dash 9 replacement by Maple Leaf Tracks
Scott M. Miller
March 15, 2004

This is a simple FreightAnim object that can be added to MLT's replacement Dash 9 to give the appearance of window glass.  

Put glass.ace and dash9glass.s into the DASH9 folder in the trainset\trains subfolder of your Train Simulator installation.  Open up dash9.eng (back it up first!) with a unicode-aware text editor (such as WordPad).  Add the following to anywhere in the Wagon() region.  I usually put FreightAnim tags below the WagonShape entry.  And no, the top line isn't necessary.  But it will possibly help remind you that a modification occurred.

	Comment ( glass FreightAnim by Scott M. Miller )
	FreightAnim ( dash9glass.s 1 1 )

Save dash9.eng.  That's it.

Notes:  the alpha channel on the glass can cause some trees and other objects to disappear when viewed through them.  If you find yourself noticing it a lot and would rather not see it, simply remove the two lines from the .eng file and delete glass.ace and dash9glass.s.

These files are released as Freeware. Copyright (C) 2004, Scott M. Miller.

As freeware you are permitted to distribute this subject to the following conditions:

- The archive may be freely redistibuted in its original form.

- The files are not to be included in any sort of payware package without the author's explicit permission.

- The files can be modified and redistributed (as freeware, still subject to these conditions) so long as original credit is given to the author.

I'd like to thank MLT for providing the model for me to add glass. :)

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