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SD40-2 BNSF 6397. A reskin of SLI BNSF SD40-2 6810.
by Jean-Louis CHAUVIN
march 2, 2008

This will install files to obtain BNSF 6397 engine . This re-paint, based on SLI BN_SD40_2_6810.s,
include locomotive physics updates, as well as new lighting codes.

I want to thanks SLI for the new repaint policy.

You need payware SLI.BNSF (BNSF Scenic Subdivision Route) previously installed, for *.s files: http//
You need Microsoft Train Simulator 1.2 using MSTS Bin patch (v1.6 or greater):


1.     Unzip the contents of this file to your Trainset folder(Drive:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\Trains\Trainset) 

2.     Copy BNSF_SD40_2_6810.s from SLI.BNSF in your "SD40-2 BNSF 6397" folder

3.     Create a consist and enjoy!! 


This pack is freeware and cannot be used for any commercial purposes.

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