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File: SLI_BN_F45_1/BN_F45s_Readme.txt

Burlington Northern F45s 
1. Description / Requirements
2. Installation
3. Technical / Contact Info
4. Credits

1.1 Contained is a repaint of Streamlines' BN F45 into 3 different numbers.
1.2 To use said engine, you need a functional copy of MSTS as well as Streamlines' Burlington Northern Engine Pack.
1.3 The sounds and cab view utilize folders in the SLI.BN folder.


2.1 Extract folders "BN 6631, BN 6637, BN 6643" to your TRAINSET directory. (C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET)
2.2 Copy these files/folders from the SLI.BN folder into each of the 3 folders:

	- BN_F45_6618.s

2.3 Rename "BN_F45_6618.s" to "BN_F45_6631.s","BN_F45_6637.s","BN_F45_6643.s" respectivly


3. For any errors caused by or noticed on 6631,6637, or 6643, shoot me an email at


4. Base Model, Textures, Cabview, and Sounds owned by Streamlines Inc. http//

BN Renumbers byTom Gerald

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