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File: SP_SD45_8957/Install_SP_SD45_8957.txt

ÿþCascade Motive Power Services (CMPS) repaint project - SP SD45 8957

with "L" Shaped Engineer Window and Glass

Maple Leaf Tracks (MLT) Payware SP Heritage Pack #1

SPH_SD45_8821 is needed for the shape file and 1 additional

ace file plus CABVIEW folder and files.

Renumbering and modification of MLT's SPH_SD45_8821

into classmate SP_SD45_8957.

All you need to do is to copy the shape file, SPH_SD45_8821.s,

into the directory for this unit and rename it to SP_SD45_8957.s.

You will also need the texture file sd45c.ace that goes with the

shape file.  Copy the CABVIEW folder files from SPH_SD45_8821

to provide the necessary Cab View files.  All other files have

been included in this zip file.

A special cab view file(.cvf) and forward view ace file are

provided for the "L" shaped window CabView.  All other cab

view components are aliased to the original default MLT cab.

I have applied the following Bernard Grant's (BEW) modifications :

 - The front coupler fix for the engine files

 - Increased the derail buffer force

 - Raising the sd file height for ground clearence to 0.90

   (these all help to eliminate bouncing and give a better ride

    over points and misaligned track).

If you do not wish to use these modifications they are easily

reversed by copying back the default values from the

SPH_SD45_8821 engine file (.eng) and shape definition file (.sd).

This engine also has new window glass added through freight

animation by Andrey Tucker-Wells.

Gratefull thanks to all at MLT for the great engines to

work with in the first place. This renumber will only

be available from Please do not upload

this file to any other site.

I would also like to thank Bernard Grant for his help in

getting these changes completed, tested and uploaded for

your enjoyment.

A consist is included to get you up and running quickly.

Prototype Info - The first order of SP SD45, 8800 - 8844 came with

the standard front window arrangement that most EMD units were equipped

with.  The second and all subsequent orders of SP and SSW SD45's, were

shipped with a modified window arrangement to allow the Engineer a better

view.  This is a very distinctive change which was also applied to

multiple orders of SD45T2's.

Greg Davies

Cascade Motive Power Services

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