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File: 3278/SOU3278/docs/SD40s_Readme.txt

Modified SD402.s file from original included with the MSTS 1.2 update
Original work by TrainArtisan/Microsoft
Update by Dan Zollner
Date 10/17/02

This is a modified shape file that removes 5 of the 6 LOD settings in the shape file that affect the detail of the locomotive until it is 75m from the camera in which full detail is achieved.  With this update I have removed all low detail entries so that the locomotive has high detail, no matter the distance from the camera....well, up to 2000m (the maximum distance) anyhow.  The impact on framerates is evident, especially on lower-end systems and when using multiple units in a consist or activity.  I was also not able to compress the shape file for reasons unknown to me.  However, the shape file was not compressed in it's original release.  Please be sure to follow the instructions below.

1)  Browse (using Windows Explorer) to the directory where your original SD402 was installed:  normal path c:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET\SD402
2)  Locate the file SD402.s and create a backup file by either renaming it or copying it with another name or to another location on your computer.
3)  Unzip SD402.s in to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Games\Train Simulator\TRAINS\TRAINSET\SD402
If you copied the file to another location or copied the file in the same directory with another name you will need to overwrite the file when prompted.
4)  Start Train Simulator and enjoy the high detail from any distance.

1)  Delete SD402.s and rename your backup file to SD402.s or move it back to it's original location.  You may need to do this if you notice that this update taxes your system too much for your liking.

Microsoft for providing us with this great locomotive.
TrainArtisan for producing this great locomotive.

Future Work
Fortunately I was given permission to update the TrainArtisan SD70s with this fix as well and will get those uploaded as soon as possible.  

Contact Me
Train-Sim.Com forum name:  DeeJay

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