Digital Rails

File: UP_GP60_1963/Install_UP1963.txt

ÿþRenumber of MLT SP_GP60_SSW_9706 into UP Patch #1963

REQUIREMENTS Maple Leaf Tracks Cascades Crossing Route for shape file.


Copy the shape file SP_GP60_SSW_9706.s from the SP_GP60_SSW_9706 folder on your hard drive to the folder created by unzipping this download, rename the shape file to SSW_GP60_9706.s  move the folder to your MSTS TRAINS\TRAINSET directory, move the .con file to the TRAINS\CONSISTS directory and you should then be able to find the engine within the sim and run it.

I have also applied the front coupler fix to the engine files and increased the derail buffer force if you do not wish for these mods they are easily reversed bycopying back the default values from the #8137 engine file

A Light engine consist is included to get you up and running.

Gratefull thanks to all at MLT for the great engines to work with in the first place.

Renumber by Bernard Grant (burgerburn)

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