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File: UP_SD70ACe_1981/read me.txt

UP SD70ACe 1981


This is a repaint of the Streamlines UP Heritage Pack Set 1 into a fictional UP Rock Island Heritage unit numbered 1981. In order for you to use this reskin, you must own the Streamlines UP Heritage Pack Set 1.

You will also need Mat Florack's EMD 710 Sounds which can be found here


1. Extract the folder UP_SD70ACe_1981 to your desktop.

2. You must use the files from UP SD70ACe 1988. Copy the following files from the SLI.BNSF folder to the each locomotive folder:

	- UP_SD70ACe_1988.s

3. Rename UP_SD70ACe_1988.s to UP_SD70ACe_1981.s 

4. Copy and Paste it into your Trainset folder and Make a consist and enjoy!


Original model, textures, cab, and sounds by Streamlines.   http//

BNSF Reskin by Luke Lohrmeyer


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