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File: VIA_F40P-H2_Set/Readme.txt

ÿþBEW VIA FP40 Engine Triple Activity Pak

Renumber of MLT Niagara Corridor Via F40P-H #6428 to #6403, #6419 & #6421. all of these engines are in the library seperately, the purpose of the pack is to enable easier access for activities.


In order to use this renumber you will need the following: MLT Niagara Corridor Add on Route (for engine shape files)


Base Model & Textures Maple Leaf Tracks

Air Conditioner/antenna Freight Animation Object Ed Sketcher

Renumber Bernard Grant

I would like to thank Ed Sketcher for granting me permission to use his wonderful Air Conditioner/Antenna in these renumbers.


Step 1: Unzip the download, this will give you a folder named VIA_F40P-H2_Set inside this folder you will find 3 more folders named MLT_Via_F40PH-2_6403, MLT_Via_F40PH-2_6419 and MLT_Via_F40PH-2_6421.

Step 2:  go to your MSTS Trains\Trainset directory and find the MLT engine folder named MLT_Via_F40PH-2_6428, from

inside the folder find and copy do not move the shape file named MLT_Via_F40PH-2_6428.s to each of the 3 directories mentioned in step 1, next go to each of the directories in turn and rename the file you have just copied in (MLT_Via_F40PH-2_6428.s) to the following according to the engine folder you are in MLT_Via_F40PH-2_6403.s, MLT_Via_F40PH-2_6419.s, and MLT_Via_F40PH-2_6421.s.

Step 3; move the 3 engine folders mentioned in Step 1 to the MSTS Trains\Trainset directory, then either move the consist file found in each of those directories to the Trains\Consist directory or create a new consist in the usual way in the activity editor or Conbuilder

Step 4 fire up MSTS and enjoy (This bit is mandatory)

A consist using one or more of the engines and the VIA passenger coaches from Niagara Corridor is included to get you up and running.

The strange appearance of the numbers on the rear of the locomotive is a fault with the original engines and cannot be altered without the mapping in the shape file being altered.

by Bernard Grant (burgerburn)(2006) 

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