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File: WP_CovHop_MLT/BEW Instalation Instructions.txt

ÿþCMPS/BEW WP Rusty Grain Hoppers

REQUIREMENTS Maple Leaf Tracks Cascades Crossing Route for Shape file.


go to the SP_FREIGHT folder created when installing Cascades Crossing and copy the shape file UP_hopper1.s, paste a copy of

it into each of the four folders produced by unzipping the download.

rename each shape file to match the wagon IE:

WP_CovHop_11993  shape file needs to be WP_ACF_11993.s 

WP_CovHop_12006  shape file needs to be WP_ACF_12006.s 

WP_CovHop_12015  shape file needs to be WP_ACF_12015.s

WP_CovHop_12025  shape file needs to be WP_ACF_12025.s

after doing that move the four folders into your Trains/Trainset folder and make up consists using them


Maple Leaf Tracks, Original model and textures

Repaint by Greg Davies CMPS

Packaged by Bernard Grant (burgerburn)

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