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MSTS 40ft Wooden WRX Reefer

This model was skinned using photos taken of a Wooden railcar located just off the old Grren Bay & Western Line ,
about 10 miles west of Green Bay , Wisconsin  in a small town called Seymour, Wisconsin,  birthplace of the 
of the American Hamburger!!   The railcar appears to be a reefer, but not have the ice hatch doors
on this is the closes I could find for a model.  Reskinned by Dean Kurowski of Sceeter's
Paint shop.  Original model by Tim Muir.

Dean Kurowski

NOTE: in conbuilder, railcar is referanced as "Reefer WRX Seymour Canning Co"  

******Original Information*****

TSM 3D Model and PSP7.2 textures (c)2004, Tim Muir

This model was built using high-detail plans and photos from various parts of the 1922 Carbuilder's Cyclopedia from Rail Driver, supplied by Chuck Zeiler, with many thanks. The same plans were used as the backdrop for the main body textures. This made for high-detailed textures, very laborious, but a perfect distraction for those long winter evenings! 

These cars were built in NP's South Tacoma, Washington, shops during the 19-teens. They went through "modernization" in the 1950's, recieving AB brakes, replacing the original K-type. They also were renumbered to the 21000 series from their original 17000-series. I remember seeing some in Portland, Oregon, in the early 1970's (showing their longevity), and always wanted a model of the venerable old cars, so here it is. I built it with the future "Moclips Branch" route, being built by Steve Thompson, in mind.

Install by unzipping to your desktop or a temporary folder, move "NP_XM_21579" to your TRAINS/Trainset folder, then build a consist using your preferred consist editor. This is a high-poly model, and will best be used on small branchline runs, what the model is intended for. I successfully ran 20 of them mixed with several Larry Goss 40 and 50 -foot boxcars pulled by a Jon Davis 2-6-6-2, and my HD NP 24ft caboose, with little noticeable performance impact on MLT Cascade Crossing, in a heavy snow storm. 

As author of this design, I advise that it is copyrighted, but royalty free.  You may use it and edit it as you wish, but you may not distribute it for money, or include it in a paid distribution without permission from Tim Muir, who can be reached via personal message at Elvas Tower  You must include my name in your credits, as well as my copyright notices, and this entire Readme.txt, if you repaint it, use or derive files from it, or otherwise use or distribute these files.
Because this program is royalty free, it is provided WHERE IS, AS IS, WITH ALL FAULTS, and WITHOUT WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE or any other warranties.  There is no liability by the authors in your use of this program, instead all liability is assumed by the user.

Thanks to Chuck Zeiler, Steve Thompson, and Dave Nelson for assistance and background data.


Reefer WRX Seymour Canning Co

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