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Adirondack Virtual Railroad Co.
Covered Hopper Set.

This pack contains six different painted hoppers. Includeded are one BRAX, three CNW, one NRLX and one UTCX. These hoppers are seen on the Rumford Branch of the Pan Am Railways normally at the Decosters Grain Facility or the Canadian Main of the St. Lawrence & Atlantic, normally at the Yard in Auburn. Each container was carefully renumbered, retextured, or patched to represent the ones seen in real life.

BRAX 8834
CNW 471739
CNW 753583
CNW 753868
NRLX 47156
UTCX 53044

Original Models by Ted Curphey and John Peterson.
Original Textures by Lucio Moreira and John Scruggs.

These simply go into the trainset folder as avr_covhopset. Any futher repaints of covered hoppers, will be placed in the same folder, to reduce the mess of numerous folders.

Shawn Kelley

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