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MSTS Canadian Pacific GP38-2 #3094 - Repaint by Ted Kocyla

Steve Callaghan - Original Model and Textures
Bob Boudoin - Physics
Ted Kocyla - Final Textures & Freight Animation Shape

The Prototype
Canadian Pacific purchased their first GP38-type locomotives in 1970 with the delivery of 21 GP38AC's (#3000-3020) from General Motors Diesel of London ON. Their original plan was to aquire up to 200 GP38 locomotives to replace older GP7 and GP9 units in prairie and mountain service, bumping the early geeps into switcher services. However it took over 12 years for CP to order their next group of 20 GP38-2 units (#3021-3040) in 1983. However they did purchase many more GP38-2's between 1985-86 in a slightly scaled-back version of this plan, ordering 95 more units (#3041-3135) all within one order. At the time it was GMD London's single largest order ever placed for locomotives. CP #3094 is from this final large order, which by 1986 was very near the end of GM's production run of the GP38-2 model. These late model GP38-2's can be easily identified by their sloping 'laundry-chute' blower ducts on the conductor's (left-hand) side of the locomotive. These versatile units may be found in many services throughout the CP Rail system, but are kings on CP's prairie network true to the original plan.

Repaint Info CP GP38-2 #3094

This model was repainted by Ted Kocyla using photo-realistic textures, and with Steve Callaghan's original painted textures modified with Paint Shop Pro. This is a high-poly model with no LOD levels using textures of 1024x1024, thus it it more graphic/memory intensive than default MSTS locomotives. If you don't have a powerful computer and a good graphic card, this will slow down your FPS (framerates per second). If this is the case, decrease your screen options for MSTS. I matched this unit to Kodachome slides I took of the real #3094 when it was still in factory applied CP Rail paint, it has since been repainted into the newest Canadian Pacific 'beaverless' paint scheme.

Legal Stuff:

This locomotive is released as freeware, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO SELL THIS PRODUCT!
This repaint may NOT be re-distributed for non-commercial purposes without permission.
All rights reserved by the respective authors.
You may repaint and release this locomotive as freeware with proper credit (as per the author's original TOU below).
If you are re-using textures you must give proper credit to the respective authors. 
No commercial use of the model or textures permitted without premission of the authors.

Steve Callaghan's
Original Read Me & Terms of Use

Built in TSM by Steve Callaghan. This MSTS GP38-2 has one advantage. It is FREE. If you don't like it, flush it, or better yet, build a new one! I had help on this from Dale Miller, Dave Hancock, Nick Wilson, Bob Boudoin and many others too numerous to mention, to whom I owe many thanks. This is payback for helping the old man, guys! I still don't believe that this locomotive entitles me to membership in the Virtual Master Locomotive Builder's Guild!

Physics by Bob Boudoin and Steve Callaghan
Model (all of it!) by Steve Callaghan
Original Skins (as poor as they are!) by Steve Callaghan

FIRST: Please read all the enclosed documents FIRST. This will familiarize you with all the legalities, distribution and modifications associated with this model.

INSTALLATION: Simple - Just point your unzipping program to the drive where MSTS is located. This will create the folders in the TRAINSET file folder: x:\\Program FIles\\Microsoft Games\\Train Simulator\\TRAINS\\TRAINSET\\CP_GP38-2 (or whatever loco of the lot it is) where x: is the drive where MSTS is located. Copy the accompanying consist files into the CONSIST file folder, start the game, and drive on! 

NOTES: The .eng file physics are by Bob Boudoin, modified by Steve Callaghan. The number lights are texture modified using Shape File Manager, a builder's essential tool from Decapod. They allow the numbers to be lit up on the front of the engine without overloading the sim with active lighting, and they look better (at least I think so). 

SCALE ISSUES: This is as close as I can make'em with my failing 60-year-old eyes. They are prototype-specific to CP, and may not be easy to reskin. I am insensitive to negative criticism, so if you think you can do better, then have at the included TSM project files. Just make sure my name is in lights on your end product!

SKINNING ISSUES: The mapping is to the CP color schemes, and may not convert well if you want to repaint for another railway. I never claimed to be Danny Beck's clone! Help yourself with the included TSM files and bitmaps if you think you can do better.

DISCLAIMER: This is a high poly model without LODs. I am not responsible for any damage it may do to your computer or accessories (like a fried video card!) USE AT YOUR OWN RISK (not quite as bad as ABANDON HOPE ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE, but close!). No permission is granted or implied with regards to the CP logos. They are and remain the exclusive property of CP Rail, and Canadian Pacific has no association in any way, shape, or form with this model. The logos may not be used for commercial puposes without the express permission of CP.

LEGALITIES: Please don't take the model and place it on another web site without first asking. The original model is owned by yours truly and is a co-operative effort for which I refuse to take full credit, as too many people have allowed open use of their TSM project files and beta-tested for me to lay claim to the whole thing. Feel free to criticize, modify, re-skin, fold, bend, spindle or mutilate the model as much as you please, so long as the original contributers are credited in any revision and what you have done to the model is available FREE OF CHARGE. If you are going to build the starship Enterprise with the included TSM files as a start point, tell Captain Kirk that she is MY ship!! 

CONTACT: Steve Callaghan private e-mail:, work (No direct answer from work, mail will be forwarded and answered from home!) or callagst (Steve C) at, when I have anything posted in the forums.

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