Digital Rails

File: cpGP38pak/Install_Readme.txt

Installation instructions for MSTS CP Rail GP38-2 2-Pack

1 - Decompress (unzip) the contents of the file into a temporary folder your PC's desktop.

2 - Place each individual folder (named 'CP_GP38-2_3060' & 'CP_GP38-2_3094') into you TRAINSET folder within your MSTS installation.

3) - Create consist in the MSTS Consist Editor or with ConBulder & enjoy!

Units sounds and cabview are aliased to the default GP38 just to keep things simple, change them to whatever you wish.

Legal Stuff:

This locomotive is released as freeware, IT IS AGAINST THE LAW TO SELL THIS PRODUCT!
No commercial use of the model or textures permitted without premission of the authors.
This repaint may NOT be re-distributed for non-commercial purposes without permission.
All rights reserved by the respective authors.
You may repaint and release this locomotive as freeware with proper credit, as per the original Terms of Use statement. If you are re-using textures you must give proper credit to the respective authors.
The authors are in no way responsible for any damages that may result from the use of these files.  
By installing these files you agree to this disclaimer. 
This has been thoroughly tested on my machine and gave no problems.

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