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This locomotive is provided courtesy of Streamlines -

The Canadian Pacific Railway purchased 20 GP38 locomotives from GM in the early 1970s. They saw service all over the CP system, and most, if not all, are still in service today.

Stream Lines is pleased to offer high quality product offerings for the consumer railway simulation marketplace. All of our products are built with the highest attention to detail, realism, and user interaction. Our team, made up of dedicated creative and technical professionals, are dedicated to working towards meeting the above expecations in everything we do, and we are confident that you will not be disappointed. 

Based in Ottawa Canada, Stream Lines Corp. is a small company, with best of breed talent, focused on providing professional and consumer solutions and products, for both railway companies and railway enthusiasts.

Streamlines  is a licensee of Canadian Pacific Railway, and is pleased to be able to provide Canadian Pacific Railway with quality MSTS content

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