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File: Scale Rail Rattlesnake Desert/README.txt

README File for the Rattlesnake Desert route (RSD) Ver. 1.2   © 2008

A fictional desert route by Randy Dyer and Tom Galbardi

ScaleRail conversion by Michael Presson

- Route layout, terrain, routing and basic scenery by Randy Dyer

- Enhanced scenery, terrain textures, interactive objects,
sound, optimation and compression by Tom Galbardi

- ScaleRail conversion and additional track work by Michael Presson

- Rattlesnake Desert Railway Dash9 loco package and Rattlesnake Railway Heritage Units by Nick Sese

- Rattlesnake Desert Railway freight car package by Dennis Jones


This route can not be redistributed in any way, shape or form, or on 
another website without the written permission by both, Randy Dyer and Tom Galbardi.

IMPORTANT!!! PLEASE NOTE that some of the custom objects were made for
this route ONLY and cannot be used in any other route without the author's permission.

Tom Galbardi  ---> All custom terrain textures and road textures 
Stephen Arata ---> Rattlesnake Raiders billboard 
James Bradley ---> Eileen dedication sign


Brief description of the route:

The Rattlesnake Desert (RSD) route is a fictional 36 mile desert route of 
double main line trackage through a mountain desert range. There are 4 
towns on the route and one industry area. If you like mainline running
with perhaps a couple places here and there for some route switching,
this route is ideal. This route has a small amount of switching opportunites. 

All night textures are included. The route is for summer running only, as
this is a fictional desert environment. If you try running the route in winter,
you will get errors when trying to load the route.

Please note that this is a highly detailed route. This is not a route for
anyone! MSTS fans with older hardware could not be able to run this route
due to its immense hardware requirements.

We suggest at least following hardware components:


At least 2.0 Ghz AMD or Intel Pentium processor or better, 512MB RAM,
approx. 340MB of harddisk space, GeForce4 Ti4600 or ATI 9800Pro GPU


AMD Athlon 64 FX-55 or Intel Pentium IV 3.4 Ghz, 2GB RAM,
approx. 340MB of harddisk space, GeForce 6800 Ultra or ATI Radeon X850 XT GPU

If your computer was built before the year 2005, we suggest to disable the
"Dynamic shadow" option in the MSTS options menu. This will boost the route
performance depending on your hardware. Note that the visibility slider is
not very helpful while using this route due to countless optimization steps!


Installation procedures of the route:

1. Unzip the route and copy and paste it into your "Train Simulator\Routes" folder
2. Create a new activity or download one if available.
3. Start the sim and select the route. Enjoy! 

PLEASE NOTE: There is no Installme.bat file included in this route. All you 
have to do is follow the 3 installation steps above and the route will run 
correctly (Summer only!).

Special thanks from Randy Dyer:

I want to give a very special thanks to Tom Galbardi (aka Mr. Badlands). 
He has been a big help to me on his opinions, feedback, and all the 
help he has given me on this route project. If it wasn't for him, this 
route would not be where it is today. Thank you my friend! I will always 
appreciate what you have done in the past for me. I also want to thank 
Paul Precht for giving me his feedback and opinions on the route. Thank 
you to the both of you.

Before I get into the thank you's for letting me use certain people's 
objects in the route, let me please state the following: The following 
list of artists and other artists that aren't mentioned are owed a debt 
of gratitude for their contributions to the Train Simulator community. 
Without their creative efforts, most routes would not have nearly the
quality that they have and I thank all of them for their contributions
to the MSTS community. Most of these objects in this readme file are
available at and Also, the objects
produced by these folks are governed by their copyrights as listed in
the files that they have uploaded for our use.

Last but no least, I want to thank Nick Sese for the custom loco package
and Dennis Jones for the custom freight car package for the RSD route.
I highly appreciate his effort with doing this great MSTS add-on!

Further I want to thank Michael Presson for his amazing job on the ScaleRail conversion of the route.

I would like to thank the following people who have let me use their 
objects in this route: 

Tom Galbardi
John Tackett 
Stephen Arata
James Bradley
Bob Wirth
Ed Hawkins
Ron Picardi
Rich Garber
Ron Spaulding 
Phil Voxland
Zoe Topper
Bruce Bridges
Bill Bzak 
Sean Lim
Cal Rasmussen
Michael Gilmore
Mark Hyams
Mark Blum
Jonas Mannion
Derek Van Diik
Tim Court
Bob Jones, VNHRR, and Carex
Bo Sibbmak
Ted Curphey
Jorgen Wase Karlstrom
PC Wise
Teemu Vehkaoja
Stephen Shoemaker
Frank be continued!!!

...and the following beta testers as well:

Paul Precht
Jerry Sturgill 

If you have any comments or questions about this route, please feel free to
contact Randy Dyer or Tom Galbardi via email at:

eaglefan9727(at)  (Randy Dyer)  or 
badlandsproject(at)  (Tom Galbardi)

There is also a special forum section available for this route at: 


This route is dedicated to Randy's girlfriend Eileen!


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