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File: sh_sd40a/README.txt

MSTS Conrail SD40-2 Renumbers package,
Copyright August 1, 2010.

	-Includes (4) Conrail Renumbers and (2) Norfolk Southern "Patched" renumbers.
	**This set includes "Fixes" to errors in the set released at**


	-You MUST have the PAYWARE Streamlines Conrail SD40-2 set installed BEFORE
	--you install these files.


	-Unzip contents to a temporary folder.

	-In the SLI_CR_ENGINES Folder; (Right Click) [Copy] the SLI_CR_SD40_2_6490.s file, 
	--then, in your temporary folder; (Right Click) [paste] four times.
	*---You will now have (4) new .S files named SLI_CR_SD40_2_6490 + copy(1-3)

	-Rename each of the (4) new .shape files to match the name of each of
	--the four .SD and.Eng files for NS_3336, NS_3348, CR_6449 and CR_6494, provided in this set.

	-In the SLI_CR_ENGINES Folder; (Right Click) [Copy] the SLI_CR_SD40_2_6514.s file, 
	--then, in your temporary folder; (Right Click) [paste] two times.
	*---You will now have (2) new .S files named SLI_CR_SD40_2_6514 + copy(1)

	-Rename each of the (2) new .shape files to match the name of each of
	--the two .SD and.Eng files for CR_6416 and CR_6515, provided in this set.

	-Next, Using Shape File Manager, Decompress, then Edit each shape file to call to
	--the corrosponding .ACE files provided in this set.
	*--(You will need to change only the numbers in the 4 CR files, but in the 2 NS files,
	*---you will need to change the entire .ACE name line to the new NS name).
	--Save your changes, close, and Compress the .shape file, Repeat for other 5 units.

	-Copy/Paste the .ACE, .ENG, .SD and new .S files into your MSTS > TRAINS > TRAINSET > SLI_CR_ENGINES Folder.

	**-- IF you are asked to OVERWRITE one or more files...CLICK NO!

	--**--(This indicates an error in your editing, nothing in this set, if edited correctly,
	.......should OVERWRITE your Payware sets files)


	-Original Shapes, Textures and Engine Files by Streamlines, Inc.
	-Engine Files modified with "Turbo Bill's" v3.0 Coupler sections.
	-.Eng and .SD files edited with Route-Riter v7.5.66.


	Modified Textures; Copyright Steven Hoffmeier,
	(a.k.a. Kingconrail76 on most message boards),
	August 1, 2010, All Rights Reserved.

---Permitted Useage:

	-You may use and/or modify these files as you see fit, on your own personal
		computer, for your own personal use.

---Restricted Useage:

	-You may NOT include this package, or any of it's contents, (in their original versions,
		or in any modified versions), in any Payware, Shareware, or Barterware packages,
		and further, you may in no way, shape, or form, benefit monetarily or otherwise,
		from the use or misuse of this package, or it's contents, without prior written
		consent from me, and appropriate compensation paid to me, for said useage.

	-You may NOT release Re-Paints/Re-numbers of these Engines !!
	**--You must already have the SLI PAYWARE Set to use these, so please start from scratch like the rest of us.

	**-Failure to follow these simple rules will result in your total humiliation all over the Internet-**		


--None of the original Authors, or Content Creators will be responsible for the use or
	misuse of these files, and/or the contents of this package, nor will We/They be
	liable for any damages to your computer from said useage. Use of these files is at
	your own risk, and you assume all responsibility/liability by installing them.

--By installing these files to your Computer, you agree to be bound by the afore mentioned
	Terms and Conditions. Any and all Claims, Actions, and/or Suits will be brought forth
	in, and Governed by, the Laws and Statutes of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, in
	the County of Chester.
--If any of the above Terms are unacceptable, DELETE these files IMMEDIATELY.

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